Hi! Thanks for reading.

My name’s Aaron, and I’m a really boring person. At any given moment, I may be a church planter, tenor, teacher, oboist, writer, dog owner, or just plain old coffee snob. You know – just like everyone else in the Northwest (OK, maybe not all of those). But I live in this cool place called Tacoma, and I think it’s got some stories worth telling!

I gotta be honest – I just moved here a little while ago, and I’m still exploring this great city and its amazing people. But you can come along as I find new haunts and old stories. Maybe I’ll find something you’ve never heard about, and maybe you can show me something I’ve never seen before. I may go afield a little bit – we’ve got some pretty great mountains and neighboring hamlets (like Seattle) – but either way, my name’s Aaron, and my eyes are open.

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